Welcome to the Descendants Evil Uprise WikiEdit

This is a fanmade wiki from Descendants I made called' "Evil Uprise." New Auradon Kids, Villain Kids, and the original Descendants jump into another dangerous, but magical adventure involving the Isle of the Lost. DISCLAIMER: This is a fanmade website. I do not own Descendants, Descendants Wicked World, or Descendants 2. This is a nonprofit website and nothing is actually real. Fake characters, locations, events, etc. Thank you.

Descendants Evil UpriseEdit

Descendants Evil Uprise is a fanmade series. Mal, Evie, Jay, and Carlos meet four other new AKs and VKs who started a problem with 5 other villains on the Isle of the Lost. It's up to them all to save Auradon from the colorful darkness about to be unleashed upon them.

Latest activityEdit

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